Parent Easy Guides (PEGs) provide easy-to-read information on many of the issues faced by parents of children from birth to 18 years. The guides are based on up-to-date research and advice from experts on the various topics, and are widely used throughout Australia by parents and those who work with parents.

There are PEGs for the general parent population, for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents, and for migrant parents.

These multicultural PEGs are available in five languages - Arabic, Dari, Dinka, French and Swahili.

Arabic - Families and teenagers
Arabic – Families and the law
Arabic - Families and young children
Arabic - Family health and wellbeing
Arabic – Keeping children safe
Dari - Families and teenagers
Dari – Families and the law
Dari - Families and young children
Dari - Family health and wellbeing
Dari – Keeping children safe
Dinka - Familes and teenagers
Dinka – Families and the law
Dinka - Families and young children
Dinka - Family health and wellbeing
Dinka – Keeping children safe
English - Families and teenagers
English – Families and the law
English - Families and young children
English - Family health and wellbeing
English – Keeping children safe
French - Families and teenagers
French – Families and the law
French - Families and young children
French - Family health and wellbeing
French – Keeping children safe
Swahili - Families and teenagers
Swahili – Families and the law
Swahili - Families and young children
Swahili - Family health and wellbeing
Swahili – Keeping children safe


ParentLink gratefully acknowledges the initiative of Parenting SA who produce Parent Easy Guides from which the guides contained on this site are adapted. ©Department of Health and Ageing, Government of South Australia