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A good parent prepares kids for life ...this is our way of teaching our kids to learn to make decisions. As parents, we need to respect our kids as individuals. When they are old enough, they will have to be responsible for their decisions and the choices they make and wear the consequences, whether good or bad. All this is part of becoming a responsible person.

We want our kids to become strong and healthy, and that means physically strong and healthy as well as spiritually strong and healthy. This is one of the best things we as parents can do for them. We need to teach them to be independent, and to be able to stand up for themselves, do things for themselves and handle the hard things that they come up against.

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Coping skills for our kids

Families that work well

Family togetherness



Kids grieve too

Now you are a parent

Our children, our family, our way

Role models




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services

Contact telephone numbers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services in the ACT:

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Education Section / Consultative Group
Ph: 6205 8531

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Liaison Officers

  • ACT Policing
    Ph: 6256 7777
  • Alcohol & Drug Helpline (Health ACT)
    Ph: 6207 9977
  • Catholic Education Office
    Ph: 6234 5455
  • Calvary Hospital
    Ph: 6264 7097
  • Canberra Hospital
    Ph: 6244 2316

Aboriginal Justice Centre
Ph: 6162 1000

Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT
Ph: 6249 8488

ACT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Elected Body
Ph: 6205 0118

Billabong Aboriginal Corporation
Ph: 6278 4799

Boomanulla Oval
Ph: 6295 8557

Gugan Gulwan Youth Aboriginal Corporation
Ph: 6296 8900

Marymead - Indigenous Family Unit
Ph: 6162 5800

Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service
Ph: 6284 6222