Raising Strong Children

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Government of SA - Raising Strong Children

Children grow up strong when they feel loved and connected to family and culture. When they are happy, healthy and confident they are better able to deal with life’s ups and downs.Photo of a child playing with colours chalk

All children face upsets and challenges in life, and each child reacts differently. Some are naturally more resilient and able to deal with things and bounce back — others need more help.

When children do best

Children do best in life when they:

Help children aim high and see all the possibilities for their future!

Spending time with family, practicing culture and learning about their history can help children be strong and resilient.

Things that help children be strong

Children are watching and learning from you. Let them see you coping well and being positive about life.

If things go wrong

We can’t always stop things going wrong for our children, but if it happens we can:

Children, stress and trauma

Children can be deeply affected by:

Sometimes things that seem small to adults can stress children, especially if they feel powerless or are too young to understand what is going on.

Signs of stress

Some signs children and teenagers might feel stressed are if they:

What you can do

When children experience difficult things, talk with them about it and how they feel. Let them know it is not their fault and you are there for them. Get help from counsellors, teachers or health professionals.

If a child or teenager is hurting themselves or talking about suicide get help straight away.

Staying strong yourself

When you look after yourself you are better able to help your children. Try to:

Being exposed to difficult situations does not toughen children up. It causes trauma that can be very damaging.

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Published by ParentLink
Community Services Directorate, GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601, email parentlink@act.gov.au, telephone 13 34 27.

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